Practice makes Prefection

The current theme of my life seems to be “give me a minute” or even better playing catch up. With all the planning and planners in place (I currently have 3 LOL), I still can’t seem to get on top of things. And believe me it’s not for lack of trying. It just seems that every time I turn around someone one needs me to do something for them. Ideally, I would love to tell them “sorry you’re not on my To-Do list” or “sorry I don’t have you in my planner”, but I that would be rude, right? So of course I help out, which totally knocks me off my game. UGH!!! Still looking at the glass HALF FULL, I take it as a life lesson to be more flexible with my time. I’m working on not jam packing my day with things to do or even better blocking out my task a little better leaving room for error, or should I say other people’s “emergencies” *major side eye*.

With constant unexpected task at work (covering for people who called out), it has really taught me to be able to adjust and to a change in plans and to be able to reschedule my day at a moment’s notice. Yes I realize it is only Wednesday and only the second week of the YEAR, but there is a ton of stuff going on, and it’s only the SECOND week of the YEAR!!!

To address the “elephant” of the post, yes I am currently using THREE planners to get my life in order. Yes this may seem excessive to some but they all serve very different purposes. It may be thought that I could put everything in one and be just as efficient, but planners are so much more advanced than when our parents were using them. Yes there are general planners, but there are ones that serve specific aspects of our lives and are created just for those purposes, and that’s where I just can’t help myself *kool-aide smile*.

Planner 1: Work – I use strictly at work. It is a generic planner (and I mean generic in every sense of the word) that I brought in the discount section of Target forever ago and finally decided to put in to good use. It was inexpensive but it’s just want I need to get through the day. It has the monthly calendar that I can take a quick glance to see what’s going on and the weekly pages where I write down all my tasks for the day to stay on top of things. I use a simple check box system for my tasks. Task that are completed get a check and the ones that don’t get a “X” and moved to another day that week. “X” task I try to complete the next day as soon as possible.

Planner 2: – This one cost a little more because it’s a bit bigger and has more bells and whistles (stickers, washi tape and accessories galore). This keeps my LIFE in order. Everything that I need to do is in this one. All of my personal task that need to be completed, any ideas for my blog post and of course bills and birthdays. The month view is filled with girly stickers celebrating various things, notes of event and general task, and just being cute. Whereas the weekly pages are more detailed with specifics so I make sure things are done to my liking. And don’t forget the stickers LOL. This planner has been so helpful keeping all my little things in place.

Planner 3: Fitness – This planner is my EVERYTHING when it comes to staying on top of my workouts and healthy eating. Of course there are the cute stickers to make the planner look more fun and inviting, especially when I have been able to stay on top of things for the week. The best part is that it’s not the typical way for journaling workouts and eating. Keeping a fitness/healthy eating journal is a very important part of holding yourself accountable and allows us to reflect on progress. Being able to write down exactly what it is that we are doing to reach our healthy living goals builds habit. The best part is it makes the transition into a healthy lifestyle so much easier. You don’t have to keep journaling forever (I do recommend doing it from time to time to make sure you stay on track), but it is a very important tool to use in the beginning to help reach our goals. My workout entry for today in my Fitness planner:

By no means do you have to keep separate journals for various aspects of your life, but it works for me. Let me know what works for you and HOW I CAN HELP =)

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