Cause of the Mondays, But it TUESDAY ....

When your weekend doesn’t go as planned it can really have a crazy effect on the rest of your week. Most times Saturday and Sunday is not only used to rest and spend time enjoying family and friends, but a chance to prep for the upcoming week. To be able to get things in order, so the week goes a smooth as possible. So when a ton of unexpected things pop up and throw you off your game from all your wonderful prepping, yes its wonderful cause you have planned out all your prep to make it so much easier on your life, it can really reek havoc.

You have all your to-do list in order and you’re on your way. Then “disaster” strikes. Some errand takes longer than expected throwing off your whole day, then you have to make a detour in your plans, and you wind up with half of your to-do list not getting done. The horrible domino effect that we just cannot help and can’t stand. That leads to us playing catch up and honestly it leaves me frazzled.

I want at least one day of my weekend days to be just about me. Where I can really relax and get to take my time do things that I want to do, usually just laying on the sofa and watching mindless TV. But with the back-up of Saturday I am left to finish up my to-do task on Sunday on top of all the things that I had to do on Sunday. That then turns into Sunday’s task getting pushed to Monday and the list goes on and on. 

With all the positive PLANNING and PREP that I actually did get done in the prior weeks, I have learned to better handle these types of situations that can occur. I have become more flexible with my time and I use a combination of multi-tasking and fast tasking to get things gone so that I’m not too thrown off in my days. Also, I have learned to focus more on the positive and the things that I was actually able to get done and definitely the one thing that is going to get done no matter what, my WORKOUT.

Being able to successfully accomplish a goal that helps me achieve a bigger GOAL is something to celebrate and cheer. Making sure that I carve out at least a half hour of my day to get some type of physical activity in that gets me towards my beach body is a priority. To keep in line with the workout regime that I have created for myself, during these lighter days I can knock it out in that 30 minute time period. This way I don’t feel so weighed down or stressed to make sure I get it done. This also helps to get me in a flow of working out every day so that when the workout gets a little lengthier in time I’m already used to it.

Laura CurryComment