Where do we go from here

With the holidays are being over there was nothing left to do but let the REGRETS begin. Like “why did I eat so much”. This year I thought I had it all planned out. I hit the gym with some serious cardio 3 days a week for the two week before the holiday break. I did Zumba on speed (the class was super-fast) and yoga Monday and Wednesday and a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio on Tuesday. At the time it was the perfect plan. Counteract all the food I was going to eat by getting rid of what food I had already eaten at the gym. How could this go wrong? Simple, by “trying” every food offered during the holiday season. I mean you don’t want to be rude, right? So now all that’s left is regret and clothes that are a little “snug” to say the least. All I can do is sit and reflect on healthier days. When I ate proper portion and the gym was like Cheers, everyone knew my name.

I didn’t let these regrets get me down for long. When all the only clothes you’re comfortable in are leggings and a large t-shirt, it’s time for CHANGE. So I spent a good portion of my day researching various workout plans and exercises to do that didn’t require a gym. Not that I don’t like going to the gym, but during the month of January they are always overcrowded with new-comers and I prefer not to engage in the madness.

There was no reason to reinvent the wheel when it came to finding some really great workouts and workout programs/schedules. I took my time to look at what was already out there and figure out how I could customize it to something that worked best for me and my lifestyle. Unlike going to the gym, there is more flexibility when working out at home. A great advantage is you don’t have to do your workout all in one session. I am able to do some in the morning before work and knock out the rest when I get home in the evening. here is what I have been doing:

                         Monday      Tuesday      Wednesday        Thursday             Friday

Squats                  20                25                  30                        Rest                    40

Planks (sec)         30               35                  40                         30                       45

Crunches             25                25                  30                         40                        30

High Knees          35               10                  35                          25                         40

Lunges                  15                30                 25                         40                        60

Wall Sits (sec)     25              45                 35                          45                         50

Sit Ups                  25              35                   25                          40                         15

Butt Kicks            10               20                 30                          35                        45

Pushups                 5               10                   15                          20                        35


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