Vacationing in a Hurricane – We Had No Idea Pt. 5

It’s another day in paradise and we wake up to the sounds of heavy rain and some of the strongest winds ever. The weather reports are that the storm would be hitting early morning and partially through the day. So we just assumed the worst was behind us. Yet there was still some prep that needed to be done. We had to make sure the picture and décor was off the walls and put the furniture in “safe” spots in the house.

Truly we were just going with the flow and taking necessary precautions. We never really thought that we would be really hit by the hurricane. We figure that since we had woken up to things just as we left that that the THREAT was over. Where we WRONG as ever. While we were moving furniture, and taking down pictures the freaking power goes out. It was 7am. Seven o’clock in the morning on the first day of the hurricane (it was estimated that we would get two to three days of hurricane activity) we lose power.

We had no idea what it was that we were going to do with ourselves. Were we just supposed to sit around and listen to radio to find out updates and be kept up on the lasted hurricane news. Or even crazier of an idea … were we supposed to talk to each other. The inhumanity. To sit with family and just discuss life. This was a very strange concept to us and it showed on our faces.

We spent a good amount of time just looking at each other and saying “I’m going outside”. No power meant no air conditioner and the cross breeze from the wind in the house just wasn’t what it was promised. So, going outside to catch some natural air was what we did. The days of being yelled at for running in and out all day were a thing of the past. You had two options. Option 1 was sit inside be a little warm and talk or option 2 sit outside not really have to talk and catch some of the natural breeze.

We mostly picked the option with the least amount of people. Body heat was still body heat and too many of us together drew a lot of heat. We were in for a rough couple of days. But we had water, so being thirsty wasn’t even a thought that crept into our minds. I promise I have never drank so much water before. It felt like because I had nothing better to do so I just drank water. I was going through bottles like there was no tomorrow. I’m sure everyone was pissed off with me. LOL.

Don’t think that is was all bad though. There was a bright side to all of this. Even though having a verbal conversation was one of the most difficult things we did, we did partake in FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT. We all sat around a portable DVD player and watched a movie as a family. We made sure the laptop and portable DVD player were all charged and ready to go so that we could watch a movie before bed. It was really great idea and turned out to be a hit.

Sitting around with each other watching some classics and some new movies was a fun way to spend time together. We laugh and held our breathe in suspense as a family. We had our movie snacks of chips and popcorn. It was really a wonderful idea and experience that everyone loved. Things were really starting to look up.

We had made it through the whole day. The rain was starting to let up. The wind wasn’t bending the trees anymore. We just knew that the worst had past and that the next day was going to be back to normal. Honestly, we felt like heading to the beach could be a real option. I mean the area that we were in hadn’t seen any real damage other than the power being out, and daylight is the perfect light to do anything.

And with a new day comes a new reality. A real look at what had really happened while we were nestled away in our little would. We had no idea what was really going on outside of the block we were on. We were in for a RUDE awakening.

Laura CurryComment