Vacationing in a Hurricane – We had no idea Pt. 4

With us feeling like we were running out of hope we had to get real honest about our situation. As New Yorkers, we would have to go through our first hurricane on what started out as the perfect family vacation. But first we had to figure out this minivan situation and find a place to stay for the time being.

To recap, we had no idea we had picked the week that a hurricane would hit as our week to vacation on the island that our family was from and where our wonderful legacy started. Our cottage that we were staying in didn’t have liability coverage for visitors during the hurricane and our family had was over loaded at their residences, so we were homeless for the time being. To top it off, the minivan that were we renting was due back the same day the hurricane was to hit, so we were trying to figure out what to do with it.

Being as how our minivan is due back Wednesday and the hurricane is hitting the island Wednesday we had a real issue at hand. The whole island was preparing to shut EVERYTHING down for Wednesday. We were on the phone with the rental company trying to figure out what to do with the minivan. Should we bring it back a day early or should we keep it until we actually leave (now scheduled for Saturday) and see what happens during the storm. To actually go through with plan B we needed to make sure that the car insurance through the credit card used covered natural disasters in case something happened to the car. They did.

The crazy part is that all the talking that we did with the rental company in attempts to bring the car back a day early, they were encouraging us to keep it the additional days. The way they saw it, if we kept the car it was our responsibility if something happened to it and not theirs. They seriously did not want to take the car back before the hurricane. Their advice to us was to keep the car, everything should be fine, and we should be covered by our credit card. Luckily, we were covered and had called the credit card company ahead of time.

Things kinda sorta started looking up for us. We had a car to use for the additional four days that we would be on the island, we got a call that one of our family members was able to make some space for us and we were no longer homeless, so all we had to do was get some supplies. But what do we need to get in a hurricane other than water. All we knew was water. We brought a ton of water. We were staying at my Aunt’s house and she had a gas stove so eating wasn’t an issue. We picked up some foods that were easy to cook and didn’t require much fuss.

Now we were set to go. Granted there was a hurricane hitting, but from the projections that the weather channels were reporting it wouldn’t really be hitting us. We were mostly going to get a lot of wind and heavy rain. There was a chance that we would lose power but that was very up in the air. Being as how this was our first hurricane we were banking on the just wind and heavy rain part and none of the power loss.

So, we got our water and food to the house and hoped for the best. Since we didn’t really know what the hurricane was going to do to the island we had our last GOOD MEAL for the next couple of days. See not only did we not know if we would lose power but we didn’t know when the power would be back if it did go out. So, we had a wonderful FEAST. We ate up what would possibly go bad in the event that the power went out. It was a good night to say the least. We ate until our tummies were full, took some good hot showers, and settled in for what would be a very interesting next four days.

The rain made for some very nice music to sleep to but we didn't expect what this wonderful Wednesday would bring. We didn't expect what was going to happen the rest of the week. 

Laura CurryComment