Post-Thanksgiving DETOX

We did all the dieting and working out just to get to the big day THANKSGIVING. I will be the first to admit that I put in a couple of extra good days and a couple of extra squats so that I could add an extra scoop to my plate. There is no shame in my game. I put in the time at the gym so that I could eat. There I said it. I’m not necessarily proud of this but I’m not going to start lying to you either.

Granted I hear it all the time, “the only reason I work out is to eat”. When people say this to me it makes me also think of the phrase “hustling backwards”. Meaning that the effort that you’re putting in isn’t getting you anywhere. Eating to working out is only going to make you fatter. And once you realize this, you’re faced with so much regret and don’t know what to do to get on the right track. Much like most are feeling now after eating all that turkey and all the many sides.

To keep a tally of all the eating that we have been doing, we had a big plate of a “little” bit of everything on thanksgiving. Then of course we had some of the good leftovers on Friday. We made all types of turkey and stuffing sandwiches for lunch and came up with great new concoctions for dinner. I have seen all the social media ads and videos of all the new ways to repurpose Thanksgiving leftovers. Then on Saturday and Sunday you probably kept it easy and just reheated what was left and kept nice and simple.

As you are sitting there eating what is close to the last of the left overs on Sunday, you realize that you have been eating like there is no tomorrow. You went from eating nicely portioned out meals to piling the plate high. Not even realizing what you were doing most of the time, cause you were caught up in the holiday spirit, your food intake has reached an all time high. I for one, realized that I have been eating dinner portion meals three times a day. Seriously, my dinner plate has been out for breakfast and lunch. Like I have been packing away the food like I hadn’t eaten in forever.

So what NOW … How do I make things right?

The first thing that comes to most people’s mind is a DETOX.  We are so quick to jump on the latest and greatest detox it isn’t funny. Then when you realize all that a detox entails, you figure the next best thing is a FAST. Like yea, I can do a 3 day fast that should be light work. How bout NO. How bout you let your body do with it knows how to do best.

In all honesty, even though we packed our plates high to the heavens, Thanksgiving dinner is one of the healthiest meals that we eat during the holiday season. Why you ask? Because we pack our plates with a bunch of proteins and vegetables, without even realizing it. Where we fall a little short is when we start to smother everything with gravy. But what is done is done. So, let’s try and get back on the right track or “back on the good foot” as my father would say.

As I have said many of times before, your body does a good enough job detoxing itself. Your organs have jobs to do and they do it well. We just have to give it the proper tools to function properly. So, what does your body need to do its job, fruits, vegetables, and proteins to name a few.

But since you’re still going to be on this detox kick lets talk about it. The best way to go about it is to just make sure that we keep certain things out of our eye sight until we no longer feel guilty about thanksgiving and all the food that we consumed. So, I have come up with a little list to get you through these next couple of days/weeks while you “detox”

10 Foods To Avoid

  1. Red meats and processed meats
  2. Dairy – milks and cheeses
  3. Butter and/or margarine
  4. Any foods that contain wheat
  5. Crispy and savory snacks
  6. Any processed foods/meals
  7. Sweets and chocolates
  8. Coffee, tea, and alcohol
  9. Salt
  10. Sauces and mayo based dressings
  11. Soda – Regular and diet
Laura CurryComment