Post Thanksgiving Cleanse

We are mid-week into this Post Thanksgiving thing and we still aren’t feeling like our regular old self. I’m not sure if its all the work that has piled up like all the unread emails from Monday morning or all the reports that have lapsed over the break but I just want to lay on the sofa and go in and out of sleep. Which is kind of crazy because I haven’t don’t any office work since last week Wednesday. The week started off so good with so much hope and optimism because I had a four-day weekend but the reality is that eating all that food has really done something to me.

I have been feeling sluggish. My mind has been foggy and hazy. I haven’t been able to remember much for some reason. And my overall mood and energy has been really BLAH. I just haven’t been my normal energetic self that wants to take on each day and kill it. Food does take some time to make its way through the body and internal system. So, its no surprise that I am still feeling the effects of the Thanksgiving Feast. This made me think its time to do a cleanse.

I do not mean anything of the sort of drinking some crazy tea or eating some super smelly food. I’m talking about a natural cleanse. Once again, the body does a fine job of cleansing itself on it own. But there are some things that I can do to positively ad in the process. By doing a NATURAL cleanse I can

Improve circulation

Stimulate the liver to release toxins

Refuel with healthy nutrients

Promote the elimination of waste through the intestines

To be very clear, when doing a natural cleanse, we are not doing this to try and lose any weight. We are attempting to ad our body by incorporating a natural method to release toxins.

6 Ways to Naturally Cleanse

Awaken the Toxins – consuming fresh and raw vegetables and fruits

Release Toxins – Drinking plenty of water and consuming fiber

Go Clean – stay away from coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, refined sugars, and saturated fats

Eliminate Stress – mediate and practice calmness

Incorporate Daily Yoga – helps to reduce stress and detoxes your liver

Practice Hydrotherapy – Taking a hot shower to stimulate calmness and circulation

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