Vacationing in a Hurricane – We Had no Idea Pt. 3

We attempted not to panic. We were from NY and had never been part of hurricane, so I guess that why we were so calm and collet about it all. Yet everyone we spoke to about the impending hurricane seemed to be a bit panicked. We were still in vacation mode. We played in the sand and in the water laughing as everyone spoke about changed flights and the fees associated. All this was going over our heads.

It was becoming very clear to us that this HURRICANE was going to happen whether we were prepared for it or not. So we had to come up with a game plan. Like find out when the hurricane was actually going to hit. With some quick research, we found that the hurricane wasn’t going to hit until late Wednesday/early Thursday. These were the predictions of the weather people, going off of the path that he hurricane was taking and all other things they take into consideration.

So, once again we thought we were good to go. Our flights were for early Wednesday. Back to peace and relaxation. Vacation mode switched to ON. Or so we thought. Then we get our first calls from non-local numbers. It was the airline informing us that our flight had been cancelled and that we could call the customer service to book another flight. Things just got REAL.

Calling customer service is never something that someone wants to do, but in this situation we really had no choice. Of course I was checking the app and trying to get to the “full website”. But nothing was working. Either option only took us to a certain point and then directed us to call customer service. It was time to bite the bullet and make the call. To be honest, under the circumstances a 15 – 20 minute wait time isn’t that bad. To top it off, the customer service agent was really nice and sympathic to our situation. After all, we were not stuck on an island about to go through a hurricane.

So, it’s now Monday, our flights for Wednesday were canceled and we wont be leaving until Saturday. Not bad right. WRONG. But we didn’t have time to cry and moan about things we had to get prepared for the hurricane. We are from NY, how do we prepare for a hurricane? We did what everyone else was doing. We decided to buy water LOL. Buying water seemed like the solution for all our hurricane troubles. But here came one thing we would never have expected. We were HOMELESS. FREAKING HOMELESS in a strange land going through a HURRICANE.

How did this happen? Well, the wonderful cottages that we were staying at didn’t allow guest during a hurricane for liability reason, understandable. One family member didn’t really have space for FIVE more people. And another family member already had four people coming to town the next day so there were any free bedrooms or sofa/ chair space for FIVE more people.

We couldn’t believe we were now homeless. Sleeping in a minivan during a hurricane was a real suggestion that was made and taken into consideration. Real consideration, we found a "safe" spot and all. But things got better. The minivan was due back to the rental place the next day.

Back to square one … HOMELESS

Laura CurryComment