Vacationing in a Hurricane – We had no Idea Pt. 2

I don’t mean to brag by my family has perfected the craft of HAVING A GOOD TIME. There is nothing we let stand in our way. And of course, we have all the needed accessories amenities to make sure that our good time it top notch. We always have just about anything you can think of. The down side to this is when we travel, we travel with a ton of things. It’s the cost we pay LOL.

So, leaving for a day at the beach means that we either prepare the night before or spend like three hours packing bags and checking things off a list. Not to mention that we have a baby in tow, so that’s even more things to take along for the ride. It’s really funny to watch up pack up the car for a day of fun. You’re talking about three trips to the trunk of the car on a good day LOL. All in the name of relaxation when we finally reach our destination.

Now once we finally get to the beach, we get the best parking spot and prime real estate when it comes to a spot on the sand. Now it time to unpack the car LOL. But when you have the hot sand between your toes, the sun on your face and that cool ocean breeze, what does a couple trips to the car mean. Once we are finally all set up, it looks like the epitome of a good time.

The beach chairs are all set up, the cooler is keeping the drinks cold, the towels are spread out for naps, we even have extra towels to make beach pillows. Not to mention we all like nicely relaxed in our swimsuits, and I of course have on a beautiful big brimmed beach hat. We look like vacation. If you looked up vacation in the dictionary, it would be a picture of my family on the beach. We were just that chill.

We spent three days in this wonderful state of being. VACATION. As the days progress, we get even more advanced in our levels of relaxation. We wised and realized that we should buy our lunch and have it at the beach. What could be better than a wonderful lunch on the beach. EVERYTHING LOL. What we didn’t realize is that we went the only ones on the beach. The beach as ANTS. And not the little sugar ants that you sometimes find at your house when you leave the syrup open. And not even the red fire ants that make ant hills that you mess with as a child. The beach had these HUGE BLACK ANTS.

Boy were they happy when we got to the beach with lunch. So, the thought was to eat half the sandwich when we got to the beach cause of course we were hungry, rest for a little (don’t want to get cramps LOL), get in the water, and eat the rest of the sandwiches. It was the eat the rest of the sandwich part that didn’t go so well to say the least.

So here we are hungry as ever after spending hours playing and carrying on in the water, ready to eat the other halves of our sandwiches. When we get to the bag that held these precious wonders, they were swarmed with ants. Please understand, we didn’t leave them in the sand or on a towel in the sand. The sandwiches were sitting on the top of the cooler. Not the small cute travel cooler, but the big one that has wheels. They crawled all the way up the side of the cooler and had a feast on our wonderful sandwiches.

My family doesn’t give up that easy though. Luckily, the sandwiches were wrapped in that white waxy paper that deli’s use and we seemed to have gotten out of the water just in time. They were all over the waxy paper but hadn’t gotten to the sandwich just yet. Talk about PERFECT timing. But that meant ants crawled all over our arms as we fought for a lunch. These ants weren’t to be messed with. They were just as hungry as we were. We really had to fight ants for our lunch. It was a crazy experience, but oddly fun laughing at each other as be battled for food.

As we basked in the sun on a daily, we had no idea what was coming our way. A HURRICANE, HURRICAN IRMA. Someone we met made the comment about us leaving before the hurricane came. We looked at each other in sheer confusion, hurricane???? What is this hurricane you speak of? We had spent three days laying on the beach by day and binge-watching Netflix by night. When did a HURRICANE happen? What was going on in the real world? As it turned out, Hurricane Irma had formed and was headed right for us the day before we were schedule to leave and head home.

We attempted not to panic. We were from NY and had never been part of hurricane, so I guess that why we were so calm and collet about it all. Yet everyone we spoke to about the impending hurricane seemed to be a bit panicked. We were still in vacation mode. We played in the sand and in the water laughing as everyone spoke about changed flights and the fees associated. All this was going over our heads.

 It was very clear we had no idea what was about to happen or how our lives were about to be affected in the least bit.


Laura CurryComment