Vacationing In a Hurricane - We had no Idea

There is no better time than when you feel a vacation coming. If you are anything like me, all vacation brainstorming starts at least six months in advance. Truthfully, by January, I already have a pretty good idea of all the places that I want to see that year. And those ideas started October of the prior year. We all know, by this point, that I am a planner by nature.

So, it was no surprise that my birthday month was the first thing on the list of months to plan for. And I have the pleasure of sharing my birthday month with some pretty amazing people, one of which is my younger sister. I planned out what I wanted to do for my birthday and she planned what she wanted to do for her’s. She wanted to do a lovely family vacation to where it all started, the BEAUTIFUL island of St. Croix.

I was actually super excited and reveled at the idea. Not only had we not been back to St. Croix in over five years but we hadn’t taken a family vacation in just about the same amount of time. It was going to be spectacular. The family has grown since we had last been back and of course so had we. I couldn’t wait.

In true Laura fashion, I had everything planned out. I had been looking up flight deals for months, we had found a wonderful place to stay and of course all of our family was looking forward to seeing all of us. Aside from my immediate family, there were other aunts and uncles that were joining in on the fun. Before we knew it, this had turned into a family reunion. We were getting the band back together.

With the guest list every expanding, it was time to get to work. There were clothes to buy, new swimsuits to try on and of course I had to get new travel accessories. New suitcase, new travel organizers, and all types of trinkets. I was super stoked about this upcoming adventure. Yes, it was definitely going to be an adventure, but in a way that no one saw coming or could have even expected. We were in for the time of our lives.

I guess my family is no different than any other really. So of course, when we started to plan for this vacation to St. Croix it was the next best thing since sliced bread. As vacation day began to approach here came the phone calls and text messages of “I’m not gonna make it” and the variations of. The numbers were dwindling like the final days of a sale. What happened to the excitement of seeing everyone again, of catching up, of creating new memories? I still love them though. We were quickly back to original number of people going, just the immediate family LOL.

I cried my last cry for those that couldn’t make it and was ready to go. Bags packed and sitting by the door. I had my travel blanket and neck pillow on deck. Vacation time was among us. I couldn’t wait for some real fun in the sun.

When traveling, you think the worst part is not being able to get a straight flight. Like how could the airline industry be so mean as to not provide a straight flight to every destination that I want to visit. Lay overs are the worst. They just build the anticipation of getting to your final destination, FUN IN THE SUN. But I suffered through.

Every time I land at my final destination, I hope that this will be the time that my family is waiting for me at the gate like you see in the movies. Wonderful “WELCOME” signs with smiling faces, just elated to see me once again. NOT MY FAMILY *side eye*. I am lucky if my wait for them is under 20 minutes. If you are wondering, I email them my flight itinerary, as well as call multiple times the day of the flight to notify them of any flight or time changes. Yet I still have the wonderful pleasure of waiting on them when I land.

***OFF TOPIC STORY – On a trip to NY, I had been waiting at the airport for someone to pick me up for so long that the police thought I was lost and/or homeless. As we know, there are police all over the airports these days. So, one officer was making his rounds and had seen me there for a long while. On about his forth lap, he came up to me and asked if everything was ok, did I need help, and was I sure that someone was coming to get me. It didn’t help that at the time my travel attire was grey sweats and t-shirt and I had a bunch of not so perfect luggage. So, trying to convenience him that I wasn’t a runaway wasn’t that easy. Talk about embarrassing. My family thinks this is hilarious. I don’t. Back to our adventure***

Once they finally pull up and I load up the car, I count that as the OFFICIAL start of my vacation. Our wonderful family trip can finally being. All I wanted to know was how long was it going to take us to make it to the beach and get some good food in our bellies? One stop to our residence for the week and then straight to the beach. Listening to the “schedule of events” for our vacation had me feeling like we couldn’t have picked a better time to come. There were going to be all types of parties and reunions, that needing a vacation from the vacation was definitely going to happen when we got back to reality. Party time was upon us.

With days of basking in the sun upon us and not having a care in the world other than tan lines, none of us could have ever expecting what was to be our VERY near future.

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