Staff Pose

Staff pose, Dandasana, is a seated pose. This pose stretches the back and strengthens the shoulders and thorax. Granted this pose looks very easy and simple and you may not understand why it’s even part of yoga but it is an intense strength builder for the upper back, abdomen, and chest. It helps to improve posture and is the foundation pose for many seating poses throughout the yoga practice. Due to be being the foundational pose for all seated poses it’s essentially the equivalent of mountain pose in the seated pose world.

Staff pose prepares the body for deeper poses and enhances your ability to focus on the precise alignment of your body. This pose is therapeutic for asthma and sciatica. It helps to steady and calm the mind while encouraging focus. When you practice this pose with a steady breath you can improve your concentration and relieve stress.

To successfully do staff pose, begin sitting on the mat with your legs extending in front of you. Making sure to sit fully on your sit bone, draw your thighs to the floor. Flex your feet and press through your heels. Make sure that your knees, thighs and big toes are toughing. Engage all your leg muscles. Work to lift through your torso from your pelvis, keeping your weight evenly distributed. Place your hands on the floor beside your hips and press through your palms with your fingers pointing forward. Open your chest and anchor your body through your tailbone and sit tall. Hold this pose for one minute.

Laura CurryComment