Warrior II

Warrior II, Virabhadrasana II, is similar to Warrior I being as it is also a standing pose. This pose strengthens the legs and ankles. This pose also stretches the legs, shoulders, thorax, ankles, groin and lungs. Warrior II also promotes strength, stability, and concentration. It helps to relieve backaches while stimulating healthy digestion. 

To successfully do Warrior II you can either transition from Warrior I (as when doing it in the sequence) or start from mountain pose. When transitioning from Warrior I, with your arms above your head, you will lower your arms to shoulders length and twist your body so that one arm is in front and the other in the back. You are now in Warrior II.  If you are starting in mountain pose have your feet hip distance apart. Step your feet about 4 feet apart and turn your right foot 90 degrees and pivot your left foot on a 45 degree angle (making sure that that your heels are aligned with each other). Turn your pelvis forward and push through heels. Bend your right knee just over your ankle, rooting down through your ankle. Raise your arms to shoulder length with your palms facing down reach actively through your fingertips. Pivot your torso so that your arms are now one in front of you and the other behind. Gaze forward above your fingertips. Hold this pose for one minute. Lower your arms and turn to the left. Reversing your feet, repeat this pose on the other side for the same time.

Laura CurryComment