Crescent Pose

Crescent Pose, also known as crescent lunge pose or Anjaneyasana, is another powerful standing pose that engages the whole body. It strengthens and stretches both the upper and lower body creating both stability and balance. This pose is sometimes referred to as salutation pose.

This pose is good for stretching the legs and hip flexors. It also opens up the front torso, chest and shoulders. Crescent pose promotes toning and balancing and helps to develop stability. This pose draws aspect of balancing poses as well as backbends. A benefit of this pose is that it increases energy and reduces fatigue.

To successfully do crescent pose you can begin in downward facing dog. Stepping your right foot forward in-between your hands, bend your right knee at a 90 degree angle (making sure that your knee is directly above foot). Coming on the ball of your back foot (left foot), left your heel forward align it over your back toes, straightening your leg. Raising your torso to an upright position, bring your arms up sweeping over your head, keeping your arms parallel to your ears. Gently tilt your head upward and gaze up to the ceiling. Hold this pose for about one minute focusing on your breath. Repeat on the other side.

Laura CurryComment