Chair Pose

Chair Pose, Utkatasana, is a standing pose and is used to strengthen the vertebral column, thighs, ankles, and the calves. This pose is used to stretch the shoulders and the thorax. This poses tones the entire body, with an emphasis on the thighs. Chair pose is another component of the Sun Salutation sequence that we have been speaking about. Similar to downward facing dog, it can be used and a transitional pose as in the sun salutation sequence. This pose can also be practiced on its own to promote strength and stamina in the entire body.

Chair pose, because of the awkward stance, has many benefits. It tones the body, opens the chest, works your digestive organs and hearts, and stretches various parts of the body. When holding this pose for several breaths you can increase the heart rate. This increase stimulates the circulatory and metabolic system. But keeping this pose requires focus and concentration, so it is a good idea to calm your breathing when in chair pose

To properly do chair pose, you will want to start in mountain pose. Stand with your feet together and the toes touching. Raise your arms above your head keeping them parallel to your ears. Begin by bending your knees bringing your thighs parallel to the floor (go down as far as you can, but do not force it). Make sure to keep your torso straight and drawn you tail bone down to the floor. Bring your gaze straight forward and hold the pose for up to a minute (or as close as you can get to a minute).

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