There are things that happen in life that really make us sit down and think hard about what we have been doing up to that point. Like really make us take a hard look at our lives and assess what we have been doing and where we are headed. That moment was a routine doctor’s visit. I was young and thought I had it all figured out. I didn’t eat too much fast food, cooked most of my meals, and went to the gym every now and then. I thought I was doing what was needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I went to the doctor for my yearly physical and the results were in. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and deficient in so many vitamins. I was on 24. The shock on my doctor’s face couldn’t compare to the sinking feeling and the spinning room that I was experiencing. How could this be my reality … I’m on 24. My life is just beginning. I’m only 24.

Once I stopped feeling sorry for myself (about a situation I created), I made some serious changes. I decided that I wasn’t going to be another statistic. I wasn’t going to fall in the trap of being another obese African-American. I wanted more for myself and I was determined to get it. I started reading everything there was to read about health and fitness. I talked to anyone who would have a conversation with me about wellness and nutrition. I took as many notes as my little hands would allow. I got a gym membership to a place I would actually go to. One that offered classes, weight machines, free weights, and a sauna. It was all about the bigger picture. I wanted to be around forever and was determined to put things in place to achieve that goal.

I completely changed my eating habits, I was outdoors as much as possible, and I was making real changes. I started cooking all my meals at home and found healthy recipes that had actual flavor. I found classes that I actually enjoyed attending and got a workout partner (thanks to a best friend that was more than supportive of me making all the changes I needed to become the best me that I could be). By the time I went back to the doctor the next year for my physical, there was nothing but GOLD STARS across the board.

Yes, it all took hard work and dedication. And yes I wanted to give up plenty of times. Yes, there were times were my emotions got the best of me and I had setbacks. But, I never gave up. I never threw in the towel. Even when life got me down, I remembered that every day was a new start to get it right.

I want to take everything that I have learned, all my ups and downs, and share them with you. I want to help you on this journey to a healthier lifestyle. I want you to realize that making the transition into health and wellness isn’t as hard as we are made to believe. And, with the support of someone behind you cheering you on, it’s just that much easier.


Everyday is a new start to something great and amazing

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